Supporting the Tibetan Centre for Conflict Resolution would ensure the stability of the Centre and therefore ensure the continuance of the various initiatives and activities of the Centre towards peaceful co-existence, respecting cultural & religious differences and non-violent & mindful management of conflicts. There are two major areas where funds are required, kindly go through the details below.


Tibetan Centre for Conflict Resolution being a non-profit organisation relies entirely on grants that it seeks from Funding Agencies to carry out its activities and support its office and staff. When we compare TCCR to other similar organisations and peace or conflict resolution centres all over the world, we find so many similarities in ideologies and ways of functioning but the over-riding difference is in the area of office funds. Most of these Centres fundraise for big budget projects but since they charge for their services like workshops, mediation, counselling etc., they are self-supporting to some extent.

TCCR offers its services for free to the Tibetan refugee community and the local Indian communities. A large majority of people from these communities do not realise the need and usefulness of such workshops therefore paying for such facilities may seem to be superfluous expenditure to them. TCCR prides in being able to provide such benefits to our refugee community and the local host communities contributing in our own way towards a more harmonious co-existence. The Centre has six dedicated staff working full time and an office assistant hired on a daily wage basis. We have rented a small apartment for our office space, the rent for which has to be paid monthly. Then there are other areas like electricity, phone, postage, stationery etc., where on a yearly basis a considerable amount of money is spent to keep the Centre functioning smoothly and enable the various activities to be conducted successfully.

The procurement of a budget for regular office expenditure is aimed at ensuring the stability of TCCR and in turn ensuring the continuance of the various initiatives and activities of the Centre towards peaceful co-existence, respecting cultural and religious differences and mindfully managing conflicts. We also intend to continue serving the Tibetan refugee communities and the local Indian communities and to work for non-violent resolution of conflicts and sustainable peace in the world.


All the administrative expenditures and the efforts of the staff are required so that the Centre is able to carry out its activities and serve the community according to its aims and objectives. This is the area that comprises of the budget for all the activities of the Centre for the specified years. These activities are carried out in accordance with our yearly calendar. Further details of all the activities carried out by the Centre can be accessed under Activities.

To encourage TCCR on its mission and ensure that it continues to serve the different communities you can make donations towards the general fund or decide to sponsor an activity. Activities you can support are:

  • Workshops for Newly Arrived Tibetan Refugees
  • Workshops for Tibetan Settlements in Exile
  • Inter Cultural Conflict Transformation Workshops
  • Youth Empowerment Workshops for College students
  • Youth Empowerment Workshops for Unemployed youth
  • Workshops to Strengthen Civil Society in Exile
  • Workshops to Monastic Institutions
  • Mediation Workshop
  • Counseling Workshop
  • Workshops for Schools (Teachers/Staff/Students)
  • Integrating Conflict Resolution with Buddhist Philosophy
  • Research and Analysis
  • Public Meetings
  • Seminars
  • In-service Training for staff
  • Trainers Training Programme
  • Newsletter and other Publication

You can make your donations by Bank Draft, Cheque or Money order made in the name of the Tibetan Centre for Conflict Resolution and send it to the address below. For further information please contact:Director
Tibetan Centre for Conflict Resolution
Session Road, Gangchen Kyishong
Distt. Kangra HP. INDIA
Telephone: (91) (1892) 226627