The Tibetan Centre for Conflict Resolution (TCCR) is an NGO registered under the Societies Registration Act of 2006. The Centre was established on the 1st of May 2001 and is a non-profit educational organisation dedicated to the non-violent management of conflicts in the Tibetan Community and the world as a whole. The Danish Centre for Conflict Resolution (DCCR) headed by Mrs. Else Hammerich and Mr. BjarneVestergaard has played a key role in enabling the formation of the Centre by providing the initial expertise and education for its first group of members. With the humble beginning of three staff and an average of twelve workshops per year for the first three years, TCCR has now grown to a team of seven staff and an average of twenty six workshops per year.

In the past, almost thirteen years since its inception the Centre has been able to work at the grassroots Tibetan, Indian as well as other communities reaching out to over 7000 people through more than 240 activities. These activities include different kinds of workshops for various groups of people, training programmes, round table discussions, public meetings and Buddhism classes etc.

Apart from the various projects the Centre has undertaken with passing time and more positive feedback from our participants, TCCR has increasingly received numerous requests from NGOs, CTA and Institutions for conducting Conflict Resolution workshops for them. We therefore offer different length of workshops, ranging from a half-day sessions to a package of 4-day workshops accordingly.

Since our Trainers need to be certified in conducting Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding workshops, TCCR so far has conducted three intensive “Trainers’ Training Programmes”(TTP). The first TTP was conducted in the year 2004, then in 2008 and the third in 2014. The Trainers’ Training Programme is an intensive residential training programme conducted over a period of two and a half months or more. This programme has been able to produce new Certified Trained members for the Centre who are now capable of conducting workshops on Conflict Resolution, Peace building, and Democratic Processes. The TTP has definitely contributed towards a stronger, more resourceful and a more contributing team. So that TCCR is better equipped to venture into innovative spheres of work and also better reinforced with fresh trainer members.

The Centre of course would continue with the grassroots empowerment of the Tibetan community in exile through its various initiatives since these enable TCCR to propagate the various methodologies of non-violent management of conflicts and introduce communication skills that prove useful in conflict prevention and preventing escalation of conflicts. While at the same time our activities would enhance our connection with the pulse of the common people and would in a way contribute to our knowledge of the various conflicts and issues in Exile that further help us in developing tools that make our workshops more effective.