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TCCR Vision:

TCCR envisions a future for all mankind that is free from violence based on kindness, compassion and love with deep respect for human differences. Our vision for the exiled Tibetan community is an empowered group of people equipped to manage confrontations and challenges in a mindful way and with the ability to uphold democratic principles. TCCR envisions a peaceful Tibet where human rights and human dignity are respected and Tibetans live in peace with each other and its neighbours and spread the message of non-violence and compassion to the whole world.

Mission Statement:

TCCR is determined to fortify its contribution to the Tibetan community and the world as a whole by continuing to promote understanding and competence for non-violent management of conflicts and democratic processes irrespective of the background and culture. TCCR as an NGO would strive to ensure growth of ideas, dialogue and wisdom culture in the Tibetan community and globally. TCCR would form networks with its sister-organisations, international expertise and establish a platform in the international arena for sharing of views regarding current international issues. TCCR would formulate a unique set of skills and tools for the whole world to make use of if they wish to do so, by integrating Tibetan Buddhism and Classic Conflict Resolution.

TCCR aims:

To promote the approaches and tools of Non-violent Conflict Resolution and Democratic processes among the Tibetan community in exile and other communities elsewhere. To strengthen our faith in Non-violence which in turn will ensure the continuance of our peaceful struggle for justice, harmony and respect for Human Rights in Tibet and the world.

Immediate Objectives:

  • To empower the Tibetan refugee communities in the settlements/institutions and the local Indian communities by providing them with conflict resolution skills and tools which help in the prevention of violence and escalation of conflicts and guide them in managing future conflict situations using non-violent methodology.
  • To develop a better understanding of democracy at the grassroots level and strengthen democratic processes in the Tibetan community in exile.
  • To equip the newly arrived Tibetan refugees escaping from Tibet, with communication and conflict resolution skills so that they are better able to handle conflict situations in the new environment and when back in Tibet become promoters of the merits of non-violent approaches in dealing with conflicts.
  • To dissolve negative stereotypes and promote mutual understanding and deeper respect between and among the local Indian communities and Tibetan refugee communities.
  • Create a platform for better understanding among different sections of the society, different cultures and religions therefore resulting in prevention of violent conflicts in the long-run.
"It is important to recognise that if conflicts are created by misuse of human intelligence, we can also utilise our intelligence to find ways and means to overcome these conflicts."

His Holiness The Dalai Lama

TCCR Updates

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